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Memo blocnote: Pluk in de brandweerauto, Fiep Westendorp

€ 3,99

Vouwtas: Pim & Pom kleur, Fiep Westendorp

€ 9,99

Schrift A5: Poezenfeest, Fiep Westendorp

€ 2,99

Schrift A5: Lezen, Fiep Westendorp

€ 2,99

Memo blocnote: Pim & Pom, Fiep Westendorp

€ 3,99

Schrift A5: Muziek maken, Fiep Westendorp

€ 2,99

L-mapje A4 formaat: Dieren, Fiep Westendorp

€ 2,50

Schrift A5: Pluk in de brandweerauto, Fiep Westendorp

€ 2,99

Bamboe Mok: Dieren, Fiep Westendorp

€ 3,99

Bamboe Bord: Dieren, Fiep Westendorp

€ 4,99

Bamboe Schaal: Dieren, Fiep Westendorp

€ 4,99

Fiep Westendorp maandkalender 2020

€ 13,00

Notitieboek A6, zachte kaft: Pim & Pom, Fiep Westendorp

€ 5,99

Brillendoekje: Fiep Westendorp, Artist Collection, Graphite

€ 2,99

Kaartenmapje met env, vierkant: Verkeer, Fiep Westendorp

€ 8,99

Great for yourself or as a gift

Fiep Westendorp's drawings are truly timeless. And the great thing is: there's an ideal illustration for every occasion. This makes our products nice to buy, but even better to give as a gift. Whether it's for your 10 year-old niece or your 80-year old grandma. Anyone would be delighted! 

Lively greeting cards and sets of greeting cards 

In our web shop you will find an extensive collection of Fiep Westendorp greeting cards. Always much-loved are our Jip & Janneke cards. Our colourful Pluk van de Petteflet cards are also extremely popular. And how about Floddertje or Otje? 

Notebooks, notepads and calendars

Are you looking for a nice gift, for yourself or someone else? Then choose one of our notebooks with an illustration by Fiep Westendorp on the cover. Notepads are also popular, as are birthday calendars. With illustrations that make everyone smile.